Welcome to DM Hydronic Solutions

Providing Gippsland Wide Hydronic Heating Services

We are a Gippsland based Specialist in Hydronic Heating & Air Source Heat Pumps

Welcome to DM Hydronic Solutions, we help customise your heating to suit you.

Australia is entering a new era in home heating and cooling and DM Hydronic Solutions is proud to be in the fore front of this new era in conjunction with our suppliers: Hunt Heating, Metalflex, Reece

We are a comprehensive hydronic heating specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the industry, trained and worked in the UK and operating in Australia since 2014. We have installed well over 500 hydronic heating systems.

Offering Hydronic Heating installations & servicing, including retro fitting and new builds

Hydronic heating is economical, quiet, clean and recommended by asthma associations around the world. It is low maintenance and heats evenly throughout the house being the best alternative to traditional warm air central heating.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation & Servicing in Gippsland

Air Source heat pumps are an efficient way to heat your home, they can be a direct replacement for gas boilers or wood fired systems. Heat pumps are known to be the best way to cut down on fossil fuels and help clean up our environment.

Every home in Australia is unique, and although there are similarities, the geographic location and build of the property will ascertain which hydronic system will be best for you.