Gas Boiler & Wood Fired Hydronic Systems

Gas Boilers

We understand there is still a need for gas boilers in certain circumstances, such as:

  • off grid situations
  • In addition to an air source heat pump system to improve recovery time.
  • Initial outlay price is cheaper than an air source heat pump

We supply and recommend Sime Gas boilers from Reece or Immergas from Hunt heating as they are High Efficiency Condensing boilers which produce far less carbon emissions than conventional boilers.

Wood Fires

Wood fired heat sources. There are a few options available but the wood fired system is an ‘uncontrolled’ heat source, in that it can burn at differing temperatures, and therefore be more complicated to manage in a hydronic system. They do tend to burn a lot more wood than your average Coonarra style wood fire. They can be an option in some situations. DM Hydronic Solutions can talk you through the options.