Gippsland Wide Hydronic Heating System Installations

Why is Hydronic Heating the best alternative to traditional central heating?

  • Is your house cold in the winter?
  • Frustrated with rising home fuel costs?
  • Want to wake up to warm towels and a cosy kitchen?
  • Are you fed up with the dust and dehydration caused by your gas heater wall unit?
  • Frustrated with the constant drone of the heating fan?

The answer?


Economical, quiet, clean, recommended by asthma and allergy associations around the world. Low maintenance and heats evenly throughout your house.

Europe has used hydronic heating as a main source of home heating for decades, they are now in the process of transitioning from gas and wood fired boilers to air source heat pumps to gain the efficiency of this adaption of existing technology.

How does hydronic heating work?

A heat source, eg Air Source heat pump, gas or woodfired boiler heats water. This hot water is then pumped via a pipe circuit (loop) to radiators/panels or underfloor pipework and back to boiler to be heated again when necessary. Some systems require a buffer tank, particularly air source pump and wood fired systems, this smooths out the operation of the system and reduces air in the system.

The radiator/panel or underfloor heating coil zones can be temperature controlled using manual or automatic thermostats to give the ultimate in comfort in each room/zone.

Hydronic heating system types

The water used for Hydronic heating can be heated in a variety of ways.

  • Natural gas and LPG boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Solar hot water
  • Ground source heat
  • Solid fuel, wood burning stoves and boilers.
  • Air to water hydronic heat pumps
  • Natural and LPG gas boilers
  • Solid fuel/wood burning hydronic boiler
  • Underfloor systems

Retro Fit or New Build

We can retro fit these superb heating systems into 90% of Australian homes and of course all new builds. 

Hydronic heating is the ultimate heating solution which has been used in Europe for generations.

  • Over 90% energy efficient.
  • Healthy dust free environment.
  • Savings on your gas bill.
  • Recommended by asthma associations.
  • Comfortable, natural and even heating.
  • Reliable and quiet.